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Book a Band | Jazz Trio | Jazz Duo | Solo Guitar | Ventura, CA
"If one’s music comes from the heart, the well will never run dry. 1 honest note will always mean more than 1000 notes coming from an empty place"
Hans Ottsen

Book a Band

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Hans Ottsen Trio
The Hans Ottsen is a guitar/bass/drums trio performing standard and original jazz.  Personnel varies depending on the sound desired but performances have included drummers Don Peretz, Charles Levin, Adam Clark, and Aaron Winters, & bassists Randy Tico, Tom Etchart, & Malcolm Kirby, among others. This jazz trio will surely help make your event a memorable one.

Hans Ottsen/Nahum Zdybel Duo
A relatively new duo, Hans and Nahum have captivated audiences with an extremely improvisational approach to on the spot arrangement.  Nahum Zdybel is an extremely gifted young guitarist pursuing a degree from Cal Arts. Don’t miss out on this impressive, improvisational musical duo!

Hans Ottsen/Randy Tico Duo
This dynamic duo of guitar and bass (upright as well as electric) features an eclectic mix of jazz from a variety of decades.  Randy Tico is known for his work with Matrix, Airto, and the Jeff Bridges Band, The Abiders. He is a first call studio bassist and touring musician. This jazz duo will set the tone for your event and bring smiles to your guests’ faces.

The Harlem Holler Trio
The Harlem Holler Trio is a drummer-less trio comprised of Phil Salazar (fiddle), Randy Tico (basses) and Hans Ottsen (guitar). Harlem Holler Trio weaves together the best of American improvisational music. Fast, tight arrangements, exciting solos, and tunes you wouldn’t expect to hear together, The Harlem Holler Trio is perfect for your party or house concert.

The W.O.R.P. Trio
This trio is tough to describe, or rather tough to pigeon-hole, for good reason. It was designed that way. The W.O.R.P. Trio (or Winters-Ottsen-Rankin Project) is comprised of Aaron Winters on drums and percussion, Hans Ottsen on guitars, and Jim Rankin on bass. “My idea for this project came when I threw a music party at my folks house a few summers back. A whole gaggle of terrific musicians turned up from a number of different projects with which I’m involved. Jim works with a number of terrific musicians including Orlando Napier and Alastair Greene. Aaron performs with bands such as the Art Farmers & Soul Infusion.  Jim and Aaron hit it off and I thought, “These guys would be amazing in a trio”. So that’s how it happened. Like jazz with a groove? Like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zep, Bill Withers, The Beatles? BOOK THIS BAND!!!

Solo guitar is a special kind of thing. All I need is about 6 feet cubed and I can fill a room with lovely guitar music! Whether it’s a holiday party, birthday celebration, wedding or any reason to get together, I promise to set the scene appropriately by blending into the background or standing out amongst the crowd. I’ll bring my huge repertoire of songs but will also take requests – whatever works for your particular occasion. I look forward to helping make your event even more special.

To book a band, please fill out the form below, call 805-643-6363 or email info@venturaguitarlessons.com.

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Though we draw students from Los Angeles and beyond, Ventura Guitar Lessons focuses its efforts on improving the musical talent in Ventura and the surrounding cities. Hans Ottsen has been offering his guitar teaching services in Ventura for over two decades. His extensive bio shows his music history and how he became the talented, successful teacher he is today.

Now under the Ventura Guitar Lessons name, Hans Ottsen is proud to reach out to all of you local musicians who want to further your knowledge of your instrument, your ability to perform/jam, your ability to play your favorite songs, and more! Hans’ current student roster includes students from age 4 to age 82 so you’re never too young or too old to start taking guitar lessons.